General Services Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2018 Overview

On behalf of the employees of the General Services department, it is with pleasure that I present our FY18 Annual Report. As we reflected on this past fiscal year (July 2017 through June 2018), we had the opportunity to really think about the progress General Services has made in numerous areas. Our 2018 Annual Report highlights the many projects, programs, key initiatives and accomplishments that have taken place. 

It is with the support of the Board of Supervisors, County Administration, our commissions, committees and boards that we are able to accomplish the goals set forth in the Strategic Plan. With this support, we are able to construct award-winning projects, provide outstanding customer service and look for ways to streamline our processes. 

Our annual report summarizes the hard work, knowledge, ongoing commitment and dedication that General Services staff provides to our citizens, customers and visitors, and I am grateful to lead such an outstanding team. 


Grace Boone
Director General & Capital Services

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