Turf Love Program

About the Program

Turf Love is a cooperation between the Stormwater & Resource Protection Division, the Colonial Soil and Water Conservation District (CSWCD) and Virginia Cooperative Extension's Master Gardeners. Master Gardener volunteers, called Lawn Rangers, teach homeowners how to produce healthy turf while reducing the use of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides through public workshops and home visits. A Law Ranger will visit your home, do a soil test to get your soil's make up and provide you with a plan on how to improve your lawn in an environmentally friendly way. For more information, please visit the CSWCD website.

Garden Love

In cooperation with the Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP), the Stormwater & Resource Protection Division can provide cost-share assistance to property owners in James City County to help offset the cost of constructing a rain garden. For more information, please visit the CSWCD VCAP website.

Landscape Love

Master Gardener teams educate homeowners on best management practices for a beautiful, healthy and sustainable landscape. The program also seeks to enhance water quality and conservation practices to restore and protect our local watersheds. The program consists of home visits where master gardeners will suggest planting and maintenance recommendations. Registration is open for May visits and for the fall October visits. For more information, please visit the Virginia Cooperative Extension’s Master Gardeners website.

Pruning Clinics

This program provides workshops and pruning lessons for individuals and small neighborhood groups, as well as workshops for the general public. The program promotes sustainable landscapes that improve the environment. During clinics, 2-4 master gardeners provide hands on instruction in the maintenance of ornamental shrubs and small trees. Visits are scheduled for the winter and early spring. For more information, please visit Virginia Cooperative Extension's Master Gardeners website.

Tree Call

This program was designed to help citizens with issues concerning trees. After an issue has been received, tree stewards in 2-3 person teams will visit the home to better define the issue and take samples that will be sent to Virginia Tech (VT) to analysis. A final report to the homeowner will include results of the VT analysis and care recommendations based on the VT's Integrated Pest Management for Homes (PDF). For more information, please visit the Virginia Cooperative Extension's Master Gardeners website.