Grove Community Park

James City County thanks the many citizens who participated in Parks & Recreation’s Grove Community Park Neighborhood meeting on August 9 or for providing us comments over the past few months regarding a possible park site. We heard you and based on the feedback we received at the meeting and direct feedback received through emails and calls, we are no longer considering the acquisition of the Housing Partnership property for a future park. In addition, due to a variety of factors, the James River Elementary School and Grove Heights properties are no longer being pursued as potential park sites. Our staff continues to search for the most appropriate park site that addresses your concerns while providing the required public accessibility.  If another probable site is located, we will solicit your feedback and community input through social media. If you’d like to be directly notified of our progress or upcoming events, please provide us your email address (below).

Stay Informed

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If you’d like to stay informed of our progress on this project, please send us your email or mailing address so that we can stay in touch.