Economic Opportunity

Lands designated as Economic Opportunity are intended primarily for economic development, increased non-residential tax base, and the creation of jobs. The lands should be at strategic locations in the County relative to transportation, utilities infrastructure, and adjacent uses, and the lands should only be developed consistent with comprehensive area/ corridor master plans.

Maximizing Potential Development

The principal uses and development form should maximize the economic development potential of the area and encourage development types that have certain attributes, principally that they have a positive fiscal contribution, provide quality jobs, enhance community values, are environmentally friendly, and support local economic stability. Master planning is at the core of this designation, and no development should occur unless incorporated into area/corridor master planning efforts which should address environmentally sensitive areas, available infrastructure (roads, water, sewer, transit, etc.), community character and context, public facilities, and adjacent land uses to include lands in adjacent jurisdictions. The intent of this designation is to include parcels with this designation in the PSA (where not already included) pending the outcome of the master planning efforts.

Master Plan

The master planning efforts may take the form of public-private or private-private partnerships; if public-private, the landowner(s) would need to make the majority of the investment. These area/corridor master planning efforts should phase development to be in step with, and provide for, adequate amounts or capacities of:
  • Bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Fire stations
  • Parks & recreation facilities
  • Police and general government services
  • Roads
  • Schools
  • Sewer
  • Transit
  • Water
  • Other facilities and service needs generated by the development
The master plan for the area should also demonstrate appropriate variation in uses, densities/intensities, pattern, and design such that new development is compatible with the existing character of surrounding areas. If an individual landowner in lands designated Economic Opportunity does not wish to participate in the master planning effort, such land shall be recognized and adequate buffers provided in the master plan to protect the current use of that land.

Development should be designed to encourage trips by alternative transportation modes and should be concentrated on portions of the site to avoid sensitive environmental features and respect view-sheds from historic and Community Character areas and corridors.

Economic Opportunity - Mooretown Road/ Hill Pleasant Farm Area

For the Mooretown Road/Hill Pleasant Farm Area, the primary suggested uses include industrial, light industrial, and office uses. Primary uses shall follow the recommendations for the general Economic Opportunity designation as described above. Development should refer to the commercial/industrial and residential development standards. Retail commercial uses should be limited in amount and type to support the primary uses. Mixed-cost housing, with a strong emphasis on affordable/workforce needs, development may be permitted on up to 15% of the land area.

Housing shall only occur with (a) an area/ corridor master plan to balance regional residential distribution, and (b) assurance that the residential units must be built concurrently or after the office/ industrial component. High density residential may be permitted as a secondary use only with commitments to improved transit system infrastructure and programs (light rail, commuter rail, expanded bus transit, etc.); should transit not occur, high density residential uses are strongly discouraged. In addition, any residential density should be highest closest to transit access points, and should decrease as distance increases from those points. A portion of this area is included within the Norge CCA. Additional information can be found in the Norge description in the Community Character section.