Why do I have a bad taste and/or odor in my water?
We introduced chlorine as a disinfectant into the water system to meet state and federal Regulations. People not accustomed to chlorinated water may be more sensitive to the odor.

Hydrogen sulfide, which causes a sulfur taste/odor is naturally occurring in our groundwater. Chlorine usually eliminates the hydrogen sulfide. However, trace amounts may still be present in the water. Hydrogen sulfide tends to come out of solution over time and migrate to high points and dead-ends in the water system. Hydrogen sulfide can also be the result of anodes found in your hot water heater. If the chlorine or sulfur odor/taste is unacceptable to you, there are home treatment systems such as a granular activated carbon that will help remove taste and odors. Since these systems remove chlorine, they must be properly maintained to prevent bacteria growth. If taste and odors are abnormal, call Operations at 757-229-7421 and we will send a field technician to investigate.

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