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Keystone of the Commonwealth Order Form

  1. If you would like a copy of "Keystone of the Commonwealth," you may fill out the form below, print, and send to the address listed.
  2. 6 by 9-inch hardcover with dust jacket, 540 pages, 100 photographs
  3. (Sales tax plus shipping and handling).
  4. Mail your check or money order made payable to James City County to:
    James City County
    History Book
    Satellite Services Office, James City County
    3127 Forge Road
    Toano, VA 23168
  5. To avoid mailing costs, books may be purchased for $19.95 plus 6 percent sales tax at the above address.
  6. Effective October 24, 2012:
    Please note that before accepting applications for building permits, County staff will verify that all real estate taxes owed for the subject properties have been paid in full in accordance with Section 24-24. The certification can be completed by staff while you wait. If it is found that real estate taxes have not been paid, the application will not be accepted. If you are unsure if your payments are up-to-date, please contact the County Treasurer at 757-253-6705 or Satellite Services at 757-564-2160. If you have questions about this requirement, please contact the Building Permits and Safety Division at 757-253-6626 or Satellite Services at 757-564-2160.
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