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General Services

  1. Adopt-A-Spot Activity Report Form

    Adopt-A-Spot Partners are to complete this form after each cleanup.

  2. Do Not Mow Sign application

    Do Not Mow Sign Application

  3. Free Storm Drain Medallion Application

    Free Storm Drain Medallion for County Neighborhood's

  4. James City County Rain Garden Inspection and Maintenance Agreement Extension

    The form is for County residents to voluntarily extend their rain garden inspection and maintenance agreements, so the County may take... More…

  5. VSMP Authority Construction General Permit Site Inspection Checklist (GP 9VAC25-880-70)

    Checklist for the SRP Inspectors

  1. Adopt-A-Spot Registration Form

    Citizens can participate in beautification and litter clean-ups of designated areas in their community at regular intervals through the... More…

  2. Free Pet Waste Station Application

    Free Pet Waste Station for County Neighborhood's

  3. James City County Clean Business Award

    The James City Clean County Commission is responsible for selecting and awarding the James City Clean Business Award on a quarterly... More…

  4. Stormwater Service Request

    Service requests for drainage, soil erosion, BMP or illegal dumping into the storm drain.