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1. When was The Settlement at Powhatan Creek originally approved?
2. Is the County managing the remediation work?
3. How long will the remainder of the work take before it is finished?
4. Does the County set the schedule for the completion of the remediation work?
5. What can be built on the remaining undeveloped property?
6. Can the County hold all surety until the entire project is complete?
7. Why has the County restricted communication access to various members of its staff?
8. When will County officials return to brief residents at a community meeting?
9. Will all items listed in the post construction report be addressed?
10. When will the County install a secondary entrance road into the development?
11. When will VDOT finish construction of the remaining roads or repair existing pavement?
12. Is the County legally responsible to repair damage done during the remediation process?
13. What happens if the cost of remaining work exceeds the surety held by the bank?