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1. When are taxes due?
2. How can I pay?
3. Who handles tax delinquent auctions for the County?
4. Does the County use tax lien certificates or deed certificates?
5. Where are the auctions held?
6. What are the terms and conditions?
7. What paper is the sale advertised?
8. How often are tax sales held?
9. When will the next tax lien or deed auction be held and how often are they held?
10. How and when can we get a list of properties that are going to be available for the next auction?
11. How long is the property delinquent before it becomes eligible for the tax sale?
12. What exactly is being bid on?
13. Who conducts the auction?
14. How is bidding conducted?
15. How long is the redemption period of the certificate? What is the interest rate?
16. What happens once the certificate matures?
17. What happens to properties that are not sold at the auction? Are they available the next time around, or are they available over-the-counter to buy at any time?
18. Are there any pre-registration requirements prior to the auction?
19. Does the County have a website with any helpful resources?
20. Are lists of current delinquent properties available?
21. What are your mailing and physical addresses, and your hours of operation?
22. When are dog tags due and how much are they?
23. Can I buy convenience center coupon books at your office?
24. Does DMV give information to James City County on newly registered/sold vehicles?
25. How do I register my vehicle with James City County?
26. Do you accept postmark for tax payments?
27. Why is my payment being mailed to Boston?
28. What are the tax rates?
29. Why has the County not cashed my check?
30. What is a fiscal year?
31. Can I access my account online?
32. Are real estate tax records available online?
33. Can I make a payment arrangement?
34. Can I set up an automatic deduction for taxes?
35. How do I make out my check?